A Change of Scenery

It has been quite a journey this year. After selling the house last month, I moved into my little trailer which was parked on the property of friends. This winter has been a stormy one here in the Pacific Northwest with a new storm moving in every evening. After enduring storm after storm, the trailer developed several problems that made it unlivable. I needed to move out fast.

Long term rentals are hard to come by here on the coast and I had to cast a wider net to find one so quickly. I ended up renting a nice little apartment, in Astoria, Oregon, an hour north of my community. It is a good move. I will be here for a year while I get back on my feet and back into my art. I still head down the coast to visit friends and participate in a few community events.

I have a one bedroom apartment next to the Columbia River. I have turned the living room into one big art studio! I can walk to the local food co-op, library, bank, gym, and other shops. Astoria also has a lively art and music scene I am looking forward to enjoying.

I think the best part is that I no longer have to focus all of my energy on staying warm, dry, fed, and clean. It will be good to have a change of scenery to meet new people, make more friends, heal, and grow, both as an artist and a person. At this point, I plan to return to my little community down the coast, but on my terms. I am also keeping myself open to the potential and possibilities the future may bring!

My paints are out, my drawing table is set up, and my art supplies are ready to go. There are new places to explore, paint, and draw!

In truth and beauty,



  • Sheila Moran

    Congrats Renee. Your move feels like such a positive action ripe with potential. I am happy for you. I sense that you will find your healing journey less work and more fun in the time ahead. If you have time I would like an opportunity to talk with you about something going on with me. Thanks, Sheila

    • Renee Delight

      Thank you Sheila, I edited out your phone number as this is a public blog. I still have a lot to do to get on my feet but when things slow down a bit, I will get back to you. Hopefully soon.

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