Building a Practice

Anatomy Practice: Bear Hind Leg

I have a few goals for my art practice over the coming year. One of the main goals I have is to be able to correctly draw an animal from life and from imagination. There are a few artists out there who have drawn animals so much, they can sit down and draw one in just about any pose from imagination.

Now, I know they have been drawing like this for years and, therefore, have put in many hours of practice. I also know that is exactly what it will take. With this understanding in mind, I have been working to build a daily practice and study of anatomy. To support this, I have my drawing table all set up so that I can simply step up to it, or sit down to it, and draw.

Like many artists, I am a visual and kinesthetic learner. I have been spending a portion of my time drawing and learning anatomy, studying the drawing process, and sketching. This week, I am working on bear anatomy.

As I am just getting back into this practice, I don’t yet have a specific curriculum I am following. I mainly practice breaking down the animal into simple shapes, learning the anatomy, and sketching to a reasonably finished sketch. I am exploring so that I can find a way that works for me to build my skills.

It feels great to be back to a regular practice. I know that it will not be easy to hang onto as I am facing yet another move in February, my third move in the past year. I also will be bringing on a regular painting practice. At this time, I have a breather and I am gulping down oxygen, in the form of daily practice, before the next plunge over the falls.

I am doing well in spite of the challenges, finding my strength and determination, and healing mind, body, and soul.

Wishing all a happy holiday season as we near the Winter Solstice and head back into the light.

Yours in Truth and Beauty,


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