Getting Back to Work

Ihaven’t been posting much on my blog and website but that is about to change. I have been working on my painting skills. This pandemic has changed a lot of things but the increase in online classes has been a lifeline to those of us under lockdowns and mandates. I took full advantage of the situation and have enjoyed participating in a world-wide community of artists, permaculturists, gardeners, and musicians. 

To get back into regular painting habits, I am participating in the Strada Easel daily painting challenge. I have done the Strada challenge a few times over the years. Each time I painted or drew thirty one paintings or drawings. This time I am simply painting daily. I want to take my time and focus on practicing the skills I have been learning. 

Because it helps to have a theme and focus, I have decided to paint the harvest from my garden plot and the local farmers market.  As much as I love plein air painting, painting still life is easier to manage with a garden in full swing and studying for my Permaculture Design Certificate. 

I have an additional challenge, all paintings this month will be for sale! I will be posting them on this website as they are completed. As I have in the past, a percentage of the net proceeds will go to wildlife, animal welfare, and environmental causes. I have a huge dream of my own to fund! More on that soon. 

I am moving on to another painting while this one dries. I will give “Solar Flare” a few final touches and then put it up for sale. For the gardeners out there, Solar Flare is an heirloom tomato variety and I grew this one from seed I had saved a few years ago. 

Yours in Truth and Beauty, 


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