When Life Hands You A Blank Canvas…

Mobile Art Studio

When life hands you a blank canvas… you create a home and mobile art studio!

This picture might not look like it is related to art at first glance but it actually has everything to to with art, at least to me personally. One of my mottos has long been “Art=Life” and my life these days is no exception, in spite of the minimal art making time I am getting in during this life transition.

In a previous post, I wrote about creativity when one’s life has been turned upside down. My life definitely has been turned upside down and inside out these days. In the past six or seven weeks my marriage of 35 years suddenly ended. The divorce was official last week and I have been making the rounds to get my name changed on legal documents and other such business attended to. I will now be able to attend to business matters relating to my art as well.

Most of my time has been working on our fixer-upper house which we had torn up a bit while we remodeled. We are putting it back together to put it on the market. Hopefully it will sell quickly and I will have a bit of money to invest in land to live on.

This leads up to one of the exciting changes I am making in my life, the big red cargo trailer that is in the picture! This weekend, my former husband and I went into Portland and purchased a cargo trailer for me to convert to a camper trailer. Actually, I plan to live in it for a bit while buying land, and then while building a small shed to live in. I will be building a house in the future of course, and an art studio too!

I will be blogging about the trailer conversion on another blog here. One of the features I will be building into my trailer is a wall easel so I can paint both small and larger paintings using my plein air and sketches for reference. I have been wanting to paint en plein air at all the state parks along the entire Oregon Coast where I live. I will also be able to travel to other beautiful places to paint. The trailer will make that much easier along with the new change in my life.

The trailer will not only be my home, but my art studio too!

I hope the upcoming painting adventures will inspire and entertain. There will be challenges along with the adventure. I will be figuring out how to do the business of art along with painting in my little trailer. I will post a link when I put a new post up on my other blog on the trailer conversion, in case anyone wishes to follow along in the creation of one of my biggest art tools yet!

Finally, while my last name has changed in my personal life, it hasn’t changed in my art life. I am, and always will be,

-Renee Delight

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